South Texas Whitetail Deer Hunt Packages & Trophy Buck Pricelist

Whitetail Price List 2022-2023
(All Prices are calculated by SCI gross score)

$300.00 Whitetail doe
$1,000.00 cull
$1,500.00 Management - up to 8 pts without good genetics
$2,500.00 up to 139" SCI
$3,500 140"-149" SCI
$5,000.00 up to 159" SCI
$6,000.00 up to 169" SCI
$8,000.00 up to 189" SCI
$9,900.00 up to 199" SCI
200" SCI + 100/inch above 200 per inch
250" SCI + 300 per inch
Non refundable 25-50% deposit required per hunter is required to book the dates for the hunt . Non-hunting guests fee $150 per person/day

Whitetail Deer Hunt, Harvest, Hunting License, Rifles and Ammunition Terms of Use

All whitetail deer hunts are conducted from custom built blinds, or on spot and stalk hunts utilizing customized electric atv/golf carts.

All hunts will be fully guided with buck rattling and grunting available during the rut season as well as safari style hunts. Restrictions apply.

Wounded animal policy is strictly adhered to. If a hunter draws blood, the animal is considered effectively harvested and will be considered a completed hunt, whether or not the deer is located immediately or thereafter. Guides determine whether an animal was hit or wounded. Decision is made based on animal reaction, guide or hunter seeing where it was hit, seeing the wound, or finding blood.

Guides do their best to accurately judge and describe animals to hunters. The decision to shoot ultimately rests with the hunter.

Our staff will field dress the deer and upon request transport it to a local meat processor or taxidermist of your choice. Hunter is solely responsible for processing and/or taxidermist fees and costs.

Hunter safety is stressed at all times and hunters should pay particular attention to the requirements for State mandated hunter education, especially for youth hunters. Hunter is solely responsible for obtaining the proper state hunting license.

Guns are only loaded when in hunting blinds or when instructed by your guide. Guns should never be loaded in vehicles or near lodge/ranch facilities.

Hunter will provide his or her own rifle and ammunition, however, upon request and reasonable notice, a loaner may be provided. Hunters are encouraged to have their rifles sighted in prior to arrival, however, for those traveling by plane or who have concerns about their firearm, we have access to a rifle range.

Hunters are encouraged to have the following: waterproof gear in case of rain, warm clothing depending on weather, protective eyewear, camouflaged patterned clothing, snake boots, camera, batteries and film.

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